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July 2016


Hey folks. Hope you’re all well.

My week seems to have a little theme ‘running’ through it, HILLS. The back stay of all race pace efforts. The never ending ‘when’s this going to end’ statements. The pain in the calves. The pain in the quads. The fundamentals to every effort and a few times of swearing at the skies about the effort being put in. The eventual smile on your face when you’ve completed it. Love them (never) or hate then (lots), you’ve just gotta do them.

So, my week breakdown: Continue reading “Hills…everywhere”

1st year complete

Hey hey folks, hope you’re all well.

Well, for me, that’s now a year of running. My FIRST year of running! I will now have CAKE to celebrate, or can I? Surely there’s always room for cake!? Continue reading “1st year complete”

Just another regular week

‘Normal’ training has commenced again. Now the BIG race is out the way, and I’ve done my heat training stint, it’s back to normal.. kind of.

This week has consisted of my normal commute run to work on Tuesday & Wednesday and a there and back on Thursday.
Friday & Saturday were rest days.

Continue reading “Just another regular week”

Is it all down hill from here?

With all the metrics you gather from syncing your watch to the app and then checking them all out, I have, over time of owning the new Vivoactive HR, become slightly obsessed with checking my heart rate. Probably too often but, as it’s on my wrist all the time, it’s an easy thing to do.

I mean, checking that all your efforts aren’t in vain isn’t such a bad thing is it?

So, I had a look at my HR today, checking the trend, and, I’ve gotta say all the effort I’m doing seems to be paying off. Happy bunny!

slowly dying

I’ve also been intrigued by fellow blogger SlowRunnerGirl‘s attempt at keeping to a maximum using a specific plan. So, I’m looking at keeping my HR down to a number whilst running. Why, well, body core temperature will be a big thing in the Sahara desert and I’ll have to keep an eye on it so, might as well start now.

Obviously the RHR is a good base of fitness and I’m happy with where it is just now.
I need to work on my VO2 max and Lactate Threshold too. Ah.. more hill running to come… YIPEE.

So… what do you guys track in terms of metrics? And why?

Keep, keeping on.


NB: Having looked at my week in Spain, where I was running in 36 degrees C and avg temp was HOT, my avg RHR did go up… all the way to 54 as shown in pic below.

RHR in Spain

Heat training – A week in Southern Spain

Arrived on Friday morning. Said to Jim (it’s his place we’re staying), let’s get out out for a 10k. And, yup, that’s what we did. This was to be a learning curve for both of us. Although Jim comes out here every so often over the past 12yrs to his apartment, he hasn’t run in the heat. And, that he’s ‘newish’ to this running game, we’d be taking it easy. So, it really was going to be a learning curve. Continue reading “Heat training – A week in Southern Spain”

Hotter climes…

I sit here and write this short hello from warmer climate of Southern Spain. I am here for some heat training.

Arrived Friday and staying until Thursday. My plan is to work up to marathon distance before I leave.

So far, running in 36degree heat (with higher than expected humidity) is knackering!

I’ve been out once for a 15k with my backpack on (3-4K weighted) and maybe, just maybe, I’m running OK in the heat.

Having run over sand and dunes (smaller than I’ll get on the MdS) I’ve faired ok too. Yup, it’s hard work but I’m trying my best to keep my cadence to a reasonable level and make sure my HR isn’t through the roof all the time. And, I’ve tried to employ Elisabet Barnes’ tips on taking on water. It does help 🙂

Today was a rest day. Out on bikes for 17miles and a 750m slow swim.

A fun update when I return.

Hope you are all good and training is going well.

Keep, keeping on.

PS: Excuse the red bits, I’m generally white! PMSL 

The Long run, a long report.

No doubt you’ve seen in my last short post, I completed the 72 mile Great Glen Way Ultra. I’m still very happy that I managed to, not only complete it but come in close to 14Hrs and in 18th place overall. I’m also very happy that I was able to walk about the day after and ‘recovered’ the day after that.Most definitely the massage I had booked in for the Sunday evening helped. That for me, will be added to the list for any ‘long’ runs again. NB: Thanks Tommy Lawrence for having magic hands. Continue reading “The Long run, a long report.”

71 miles… In the bag!

Short & sweet, it got done!

My plan worked. Came in 18th overall with a time of 14:12:23 (ish)

First 32(ish) miles reasonably flat, then 7,200ft to ascend.

I can still walk, thanks to Mr Magic Hands (Tommy) for the sports massage the day after.

I’ll do a more detailed write up across the weekend. It was pretty awesome.

Hope you are all well.


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