MdS challenge 2017

A challenge of the self


October 2016

A new first run…

Hey folks, I trust this finds you well.

Just a little post too say I’ve started running at my new workplace.
I know that I’m going to be changing my running schedule soon, and I’ve decided what with darkness descending sooner, I’ll try and fit in some routes around my work.

Google maps open… find a route. Done! Continue reading “A new first run…”

Marathon de Sables – Expo (Visit to London)

Hey all,

Hope you are well. I’m just back from attending the MdS Expo. All things MdS related for the event in 2017. It was a FULL on day and I got to meet a few, great, inspirational folks, and listen to some great talks too.

Many thanks to RunUltra for setting this up in the first place. The Expo was set up to ‘demystify’ the MdSso folks could get a better understanding of what to expect on their first one. Loads of speakers allocated throughout the day, and if you were smart, you could get to see most of them during the day. Continue reading “Marathon de Sables – Expo (Visit to London)”

Keeping it going…

Since my last post, I’ve just been plodding on. I’m trying to ensure my revised training schedule is becoming ingrained.

My last two weeks have been doing exactly that. Continue reading “Keeping it going…”

The sun makes all the difference

A week, or two has passed since I came back from my little injury. I’m happy to report, the injury seems to be gone, no pain 🙂

With the move to a new job, it’s taken a couple of weeks to get to grips with the scheduling of work and life balance. And, I think I now have a schedule to get back to my training miles/effort. Continue reading “The sun makes all the difference”

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