MdS challenge 2017

A challenge of the self


November 2016

Every cloud has a silver lining

Hi guys, I trust you are all well.

Due to things happening (non serious) in life, my schedule was curtailed this past week and a bit. This led to a loss of mileage but maybe, just maybe a bit of a rest wasn’t that bad.

This week saw me with the intention to run 40-60miles but that didn’t happen at all.  Continue reading “Every cloud has a silver lining”

A little illumination required

If you know me by now, I like gadgets.

This week saw another addition to my hoard.

Although I had placed my order a few weeks ago, it was coming ‘direct’ from the good old USofA, so it took a while. Three day longer than expected so I couldn’t wear it at my last race, the Illuminator. Ah well… I’ll still get to wear it lots since it’s that time of year… more dark hours than light ones.

So… what did I buy? Continue reading “A little illumination required”

Lunch time blast

Hey hey kids,

Hope you are well.

I took some friends advise and went out in search of a hill to run up, silly me.

Continue reading “Lunch time blast”

And the stars dazzled…

On Saturday, I drove up near Aberdeen to take part in an event I had signed up for back in July. The Illuminator.

Billed as a half marathon, it’s actually 15 miles and it’s got 600m of ascent to get to grips with too. So, not an easy half by any measure.

However, the draw for this was, at this time of year its dark by almost 6pm and that would be the starting time of the event. Headtorches were required and, obligatory, along with some other stuff too. Continue reading “And the stars dazzled…”

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