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January 2017

Two very different weeks

Hey guys & gals. I hope you are all well.
My last two weeks have been a bit of up & down. Not quite the miles I had planned, for very different reasons.

Two weeks ago, yup, I haven’t posted a blog for two weeks. Apologies. Life has been PRETTY BUSY. Continue reading “Two very different weeks”

Spain… round 2

Back in December I returned to Ayamonte, in Southern Spain for another round of training.

The purpose for this visit, six months on from my initial trip, was to complete marathon distances for the days I was out. All with weighted backpack, starting off at 8.5Kg reducing in weight per day by approx 1Kg a day. The weight includes water.

I would also be testing my proposed foot and food choices too. Continue reading “Spain… round 2”

First week back…

First week back at it. 90k completed.

I actually took two days off from running to start with as I think I did enough in the Marcothon. However, I did some form of excercise over those two days.

New Year’s Day (Sunday) saw me walk a circular route across the Ochil range. The weather was changeable to say the least. A couple of snow squalls came through during the time on the hill and the wind… WOW, it was pretty fierce near the top. However, for the most part it was a good day. Blue skies but chilly. A good 10.5k walk with over 2000ft ascent Continue reading “First week back…”

A fond farewell

To 2016. And, a welcome to the New Year. I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be EPIC.

During December I took on the Marcothon. Run a min of 3k, or 25mins every day throughout December, without fail.

Well, I decided to give it a bash. I completed it today and have run a total of… well, I’ll let you see the numbers for yourselves.

And, throughout the year I’ve achieved an overall number I thought wasn’t possible.

I’ve loved my year. I’ve had my ups and downs. From a couple of little injuries to some pretty EPIC results in the races I’ve run.

Having run my first ultra in March (the D33) and finished under my target time of 5Hrs. Then, running a double marathon three weeks later on the Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultramarathon, the G2E (55miles). Sadly my knee problem reoccurred due to overtraining and I had to walk half of the race. I did however, finish.

Then I had a wee break from racing and focused on consolidating my training. 

Come July I was racing again in the 72 miler, the great Glen Ultra. This would see me cover my first over 100k distance. I loved this race and have already signed up for the 2017 running. I smashed my thoughts of time, coming in a shade over 14Hrs 12mins and 18th overall.

A little break from racing and more consolidation. It wasn’t long before my last race of the year was upon me, the Devil O’ the Highlands. Again, a race I really enjoyed and smashed my time. Finishing in 7hrs and 12mins, 24th overall. I will try and get in again for 2017. It’s gone to ballot so place isn’t certain yet.

I’ve got a few races already signed up for 2017 and I’m looking forward to them all.

The first of which will hopefully be the D33. Entries open tonight! 

Then, the BIG one, the Marathon de Sables and the whole reason this blog was borne.

I’ve then got a place on the widely renowned Highland Fling (was the HOKA Highland Fling). A 53mile race two weeks after the MdS. I’ve already got two plans thought out.

Hopefully, I can still run, maybe I’ll settle for walking at this stage but I’ve then got the Great Glen Ultra in July and the Quadrathon in late August.

The Quadrathon should be fun! A race which is all about running four marathons over four days. This all takes place in North West Ireland.

The, in October, I have my first over 100miler. The Sandstone Way Ultra. At 120miles, I’m still contemplating my thoughts on finishing times.

Already, it looks like 2017 will be busy but I’m looking forward to putting all of the last year into practise. Hoping to get through Winter training unscathed and injury free. As I hope you all do.

Here’s hoping you all reach your goals during 2017. I thank you all for taking the time to read all of my ramblings thus far.

Before I go, I would like to thank a few folks. Namely, Slow runner Girl who has made me think about what I’m doing, even though we come at this running lark from different ends of the spectrum. Also, I would like to thank Pippa for her no nonsense approach to blog writing. I love her honesty. And, last but by no means last, Unironedman. We ‘older’ gents have to stick together. 

For the others that have signed up for following me, thank you. I have enjoyed reading your posts and I’m steadily getting to know you. I look forward to reading about all of your exploits during 2017.

Thanks folks. All the best for 2017. A great New Year to you all.

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