MdS challenge 2017

A challenge of the self


February 2017


Hey folks,

Here’s hoping you are all well.

My weekend consisted of an 18k run with David C (fellow MdSr). Meeting at the RSPB centre, Loch Leven we went up and over Benarty Hill, around Loch Ore, back up the Continue reading “T-44”


Hey hey gang,

Hope you are well.

Since my short post…50Days, I thought it about time to fill you in on where I’m at.

Well, I’ve been picking/ordering all my food and ‘last minute kit’ choices. I’m pretty much 98% done with my kit, food, etc. Just need to get some ziplock bags for the eventual decant. However, that can wait for the next few weeks.  Continue reading “T-48”

50 days!


more to follow…

Weekend trails

Hi folks. A quick update.

I was lucky enough to arrange a run with a fellow MdS competitor, who, incidentally lives in the same county of Fife.

Always good to know another competitor from face to face, rather than a FB photo.

So, I met up with David Cowan on Saturday morning in the former royal burgh of Falkland.  Continue reading “Weekend trails”


Eek… In a little over two months, a years worth of training will hopefully be enough, and I’ll be standing on the start line of the 32nd Marathon de Sables.

However, back to the here and now and what have I been up to? Continue reading “Countdown…”

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