Hi folks,
Hope this finds you well.
It’s now got the ‘sharp end’… 14 days to go! I mean, only two bloody weeks!! Arrrrgh…

Apologies for the tardiness of the update. I’ve been resting LOL

What have I been up to recently?

Well… since the D33, I’ve taken it a bit easier. I’m not ‘officially’ on my taper yet but I’ve been doing less running and more relaxing. Catching up on sleep and trying to eat a bit more. Both things I think I’ll have little of soon.

By no means am I an elite athlete and I find the taper stage leading up to races a bit of a bind. I’m sure everyone does? I mean, you run, like crazy, put in loads of miles and hours, then you’ve got to stop doing all of that and ‘put your feet up’. Not an easy scenario.

My body and head tells me I should be running, or at least doing some form of activity. So, naturally, I become a bit restless.

To try and make peace with my mind I’ve done a few things. Mainly, checking the list of STUFF I need to have as a requirement and for my own ‘comfort’.
I’ve now decanted all my food into ziploc bags, written on the necessary requirements for each serving, etc and then put them into a large ziploc bag and dated each one, Day1 Race, Day 2 Race, etc, etc.

You may question why the decant, well, simples… each bag (including the little keep fresh bag too) weighs approx 24grams. Not a whole lot individually but added together with two main meals each day, it adds up.


For me, I’m doing an 800cal breakfast most mornings, with the exception of the long day where I’m taking one of the 1000cal breakfasts. The rest of my daily calorie intake goes;

SiS Protein shake, Flapjack, Mixed nuts (inc Macadamias), SiS Protein bar and an SiS Recovery shake once I cross the finish line each day. So, all in all, I’m taking about 2400cals per day. Obviously I’ll be calorie deficient but this will see me through.

Also, with having approx a day and a half before we actually race, I’m taking a few extra packets which I’ll eat before race day to ‘stock up’ on calories.

My food is now all packed inside my backpack and as I’ve made my choices, I’m not going to worry about it again. Well, maybe not until I’m out there 😉

The running I have been doing in the last couple of week hasn’t been high mileage. Far from it.
I’ve done my usual set of stairs, my usual 5 sets of Forth Road Bridge & North Queensferry stairs. However, as I know this is a short run, they’v e been done  at pace which sees me do the 2k run to the stairs at 7:10min per mile pace with the 2k run back faster than that, at about 6:50 per mile pace. So a good work out.

I ‘ve also done a few longer runs. Typically anything from 11-16k at various paces.
One run in particular started with good intention of taking it easy.
I picked my usual 13k loop route and as I was coming up to crest the hill towards the Amazon depot, I looked at my watch and I was on 4:20 per/k pace. I felt really good, wasn’t breathing heavy at all. Legs felt fresh too, so… I decided to see what these little legs had in them after yesterdays effort. Turns out, a fair bit!

Although the next 5-6k are mostly downhill, it still take an effort to run quick. The next 2k was covered in 4:15 avg and then I had to stop to cross a road. Caught my breath for a bit and headed off again with the knowledge that the next bit was flat, then a small but steady incline before dropping downhill again, along Castle Drive. So I kept the motivation on high and was, for me, going pretty quick. So much so, I hit 3:51per k along Castle Drive.

I even managed to gain a crown on a Strava segment during the run. I’m fairly sure it won’t stay too long. There are some pretty decent runners kicking about this area.


I also happened to go for a run with two running ‘friends’. I’d met one of them before (Fiona) at a couple of events but hadn’t really chatted. The other, Martin, I was only following on Strava as our path cross a fair bit.
So we hooked up and went for a lovely 10k route around Limekilns. The weather was perfect and it was good to run with other folks and in some new scenery too.
Thank you Fiona & Martin. Must do it again soon.


Now, I must confess, the title obviously says 14days but I’ve been a bit busy with stuff too and this update is late. My bad 😦

It’s now 10 days to go before we fly out.


I’ve done a couple of runs across the weekend. Nothing too long… 12k & 13k and both done at nothing too fast (?) either. 4:48 and 4:28 respectively. The latter being my last Tempo run.

Now though, the taper is fully ON. I’ve got two more massages lined up with Mr Magic Hands Tommy, and several sauna sessions to do. I’ll go for a run or two, just to keep the legs ticking over but nothing more than a 5-6k and probably closer to 5:30per k too. So, nice and gentle.

It’s now the ‘serious’ end of this journey and things are what and where they are. Although it seems a bit ‘matter of fact’ to say that, there is nothing I can now do to change my training or get fitter etc. All I can focus on now is my mental attitude for the race. Make sure I’ve got the essentials and then….. go and do my best.

Just in case you think it sounds easy, by no means have I found all of this easy. There have been many things to overcome. Life juggles etc. to fit all of this running in. Questions to myself of doubts and anxiety of what I’ve entered into.
However, I’ll leave all of that for another post.

Hope you are all well and your own training is going well. Also hope that you stay injury free.Thank you for following me on the journey thus far.

Keep, keeping on folks.


Pre race nervous post will appear in due course 😉