Hi, I’m Kristian, a 47yr old male from Scotland.

I’ve taken up running in July 2015 due to some stupid thought (I have them occasionally) about competing in the 2017 MdS. Afterall, what could be more challenging than running 255k across the Sahara desert in temperatures of 40 deg plus?

Through this blog, I hope to share with you, my journey leading up to the 2017 MdS. Thoughts whilst on training runs, how I’m feeling leading up to, and during training runs, what events I’ll will be entering, gear analysis, etc.

Drop me a hello, I’d  like to hear from you.

All support is gratefully appreciated.



UPDATE: Sadly, David (left) has had to withdraw from participating. However, as we work together, David & I will still continue to run during the week. And, we are still both entered for the Glasgow to Edinburgh in April 2016. So, many more miles of running together.

UPDATE: I’ve now completed the 2017 MdS. And now have another stupid idea. Taking part in my first 100+ miler in October. Again, what could go wrong. We shall see.

Also, David has his longer running shoes back out. He;s going to take on the Great Glen Ultra with me this year. His first 100k +