Whilst training for this event, I would like to raise awareness for my chosen charity, War Child. in-support-of-war-child-black [30608]

A war child story

Please consider giving as much as you can. Each amount will help their great cause.

To see what they do, click here

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Why War Child?

Over the years, I, like everyone else, give to charitable causes that we feel affected by. We have, therefore, some desire to do what we can. However, with War Child, I have not been affected directly by the conflicts and issues that these kids have. Never can I imagine how it must feel to be torn apart from families and loved ones in such a way.

And, it is that, the very reason that I have not, an cannot comprehend the difficulties that these kids go through, that I decided to assist. In the past, I have given my own donations, over the years to this charity, through a friend who has done a few events. So, I’m at least aware of the great work they do.

It would mean a lot for me, for us to be able to provide the charity as much money as we can over the next year and a half whilst I push myself to my limits for this great cause.

Never forget, we are all in this together. We are ONE.

I thank each of you for giving.


PS: Should you wish to sponsor me in any other way, please get in touch.