Races in 2015:

Pentland Skyline: After 3 months of training I decided (unsure why but maybe a bit of goading from work colleagues) to enter this rather hilly, 16mile race. Although exhausted and dehydrated, I completed it in 4Hrs 27(ish) somewhere toward back of the pack 244th out of 265 runners.

Festive Handicap: A 14k run through Beecraigs Country Park to see off some of the festive pies.  A thoroughly wet day. Completed in 1Hr 05min on my Garmin. This does not compute with official timings of 1Hr 15mins. Placed 42nd out of 153 runners.

2015 Running times: 

5k time: 21:36

10k time: 45:01

Half marathon time: 1Hr 41 mins

Marathon time: Projected at 3Hrs 30mins… Actual: 3Hrs 46 mins

Races in 2016:

D33: A 33 mile race from Aberdeen to Banchory. This will be my first Ultra. Completed in 4:50:13 with a dodgy knee for last 3 – 4 miles.

G2E: A 55 mile race from Glasgow to Edinburgh. To test the ‘long day’ of the MdS. My thinking is; If I can do this 1yr away from race day, I’d know I can do it during the race (barring heat issues). Completed in 10:43:00 with dodgy knee.

Great Glen Ultra: Competitors have 22 hours to cover the 70-ish miles from Fort William to Inverness. Race starts at 01:00 on 2nd July. Completed in 14:12:23 and in 18th place

Devil o’ the Highlands: A 42 mile race using some of the West Highland Way on 6th August, starting at 06:00.

Ochil 2000: Starting from Glen Devon, this is an 18mile race with over 5000ft ascent across the Ochil hills, arriving in Stirling. 27th August. Completed with a DNF

Pentland Skyline: Running this again on 9th October. 16 miles with 6,200ft ascent. Decided not to run it this year. Just wasn’t feeling it.

Illumination Night race: A 15 mile race through forest path with head torch in late October with 865m of ascent. Completed in 2Hrs 10mins 60th Overall and knackered.

2016 Results: 

1k time: 3:38

1 mile: 6:04

5k time: 19:47

10k time: 39:47

Half marathon time: 1Hr 32 mins

Marathon time: 3Hrs 46 mins… Predicted: 3Hrs 20mins

Races for 2017:

D33: March (33miles) Testing my marathon pace… DONE (3:20ish)

G2E: April (Assisting only)… A great day out

MdS: April (156miles over 6days) Testing MYSELF… DONE!

Hoka Highland Fling: April (53 miles) Who knows what state I’ll be in… DONE (10Hrs 43mins)

Great Glen Ultra: July (72 miles) Looking for a much better time & position.

PEN LLYN Ultra: July (75miles) 

Devil O’ the Highlands: August (43miles) A chance to better my time. Depends on how the legs are after the Pen Llyn Ultra

Quadrathon: August (104 miles (4 marathons in 4 days) Should be FUN!

Sandstone Way Ultra: October (120miles) My first 100miler (plus)

The Illuminator: October (15 hilly miles) run at night.

And I’m sure more to be added.

I’ll be using Tailwind products for hydration on all of the above.

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